About Us


      My name is Iulia Pop, I'm 25 years old and I am an interior designer, photographer, student, wife and the creator of the POPTIES products. I was born in Romania, but I'm currently living in Italy with my husband.

          POPTIES was born 2 years ago, out of curiosity, the passion for creation and somewhat of necessity. Out of need, because the first bow tie was made for my husband. He needed it to complete the groom outfit. Of course we had already bought one in advance; I will not say the price and brand, but the quality was so "good" that the bow tie didn't sit as it should, and..it torn    apart. I had to find a solution, so I did.

          Shortly after, I discovered the leather, and just like that, the idea of a leather bow tie emerged. My experiment was a success, the results were very appreciated. In no time, the customers    and requests began to appear. This determined me to go forward. The fact that someone appreciated and wore my creations made me very happy, the same feeling that I have every time I see a satisfied customer.

          Since then, I have been in a continuous seek for new materials, accessories, techniques and methods of processing the leather, and not at least, the raw material of the highest quality.

          As a main material, we use the cow leather, treated, painted in countless ways; we also use calf leather, sheep, buffalo and hopefully soon, something more exotic. Due to the fact that we  are in Italy, a strong country in terms of the leather processing industry, we have access to a wide range of materials and the ability to always bring something new, something innovative.

          The bow ties that we offer you are of he highest quality, primarily because we use natural leather, but also because they are very resistant, will not break and will not flatten, will never lose  their glow and certainly they will not go unnoticed. They are 100% handmade, up to the smallest detail, so 2 bow ties will never look alike.

          We also receive custom orders, with no extra charge. So whatever idea you may have to create the perfect bow tie from your point of view, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy  to find a solution together, we like to interact with our clients.

          The positive reviews, determined us to carry on with the belief that we do a good job, we are trustworthy and we like to please our customers.

                Thank you for choosing Popties!